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Why choose Ecquality Solid Timber Flooring?

We always have surplus stock. Why not ask if you are looking for a bargain? We are manufacturers of luxury solid wood flooring, and we make real wood products in our own factory. We make them only from legally and sustainably harvested timber. We make them well and with pride. We look after our customers first. We are working to build an enduring company that takes care of its people and contributes to its local community. We started in the wood industry in 1997 in Australia. Our products are now sold in the US, Japan, China and New Zealand, among other countries. We are proud of our brand and strive for constant improvement of our products and our customer service. We are a small family-owned Australian business that has gone beyond our shores to remain viable but we did not simply outsource our production. We moved to China to set up and operate our own factory more than 13 years ago. We wanted to understand and directly control the manufacturing process to avoid the pitfalls of outsourcing, which are considerable. The challenges involved were monumental but we worked very hard to understand and overcome them and we even survived the Global Financial Crisis of 2008 when our factory was still finding its feet. The focus for us has always been on quality. We have had to develop a very different company culture to achieve our aims and we have done that successfully with some of our original employees still with us after over 13 years. We are confident in global markets and in 2019, before the pandemic, we exhibited at four international trade shows. We have have a loyal customer base that supports our work. If you are a high-end flooring retailer, builder or architect looking for a competent partner who can deliver at reasonable cost, we would love to have you on board. If you are a consumer looking for a bargain, just get in touch. We are probably able to help.

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