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Since 1985, Advanced Concepts has provided non-slip floors treatment for a range of tile and concrete surfaces. We manufacture and apply products designed to increase slip resistance on wet surfaces in order to make your home, public space and work environment safer. Suitable for all homes, Councils, Nursing homes, Hospitals and most work environments. Our chemical solutions are recognised by the CSIRO for setting a new standard in floor treatment, which continues to deliver long-lasting results for our many satisfied customers. Each application is performed by me as a licensed and experienced tradesmen and all applications come with a guarantee. We also offer ongoing Non Slip Maintenance cleaning to keep your tiles in pristine condition. HOW DOES THE PRODUCT WORK? When applied to any tile or concrete surface, our chemical solution creates pores just below the surface. These pores work like suction cups and when exposed to wet conditions, they increase the surfaces frictional properties by up to 272%. This means wet surfaces are no longer a hazard and the chances of falling or slipping are greatly reduced. LOCATIONS COVERED I cover all areas within 100 km of Sydney and along the east coast of NSW. I do from time to time also do work in other parts of Australia. I am the one who does the work. Please note that we cannot send you the product because it has to be applied properly. This is because the solution has to be correct. I have been doing this for a long time and I know what result I need to get according to your floor type. Too weak and you won't get the best result. Too strong and it could damage the tiles. John Pethebridge 0417 684 212 _____________________________________________________________________ Qoin payment:

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